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31 Aug 2020
Music has been part and parcel of humanity for a long time. Not every sound is musical, but sound has meaning and sometimes the meaning of sound is specific to its context.
25 Aug 2020
Dear members, we were saddened to hear about Professor Revil Mason's passing on Sunday.
14 Aug 2020
In 2010, archaeologist Lyn Wadley discovered layers of sedge leaves interspersed with medicinal herbs in Sibudu Cave in KwaZulu-Natal.
30 Jul 2020
Applications for coal mining prospecting have recently been approved in the buffer zone around Mapungubwe World Heritage Site. This may have potential negative impacts on the site. To read the full article published by Oxpeckers follow this link:
09 Jul 2020
An extremely rare example of megalithic rock art was recently identified in northern Israel’s Yehudiya Nature Reserve inside a 4,200-year-old stone burial chamber.
02 Jul 2020
Most developing countries face acute tensions between socio-economic development and environmental protection.
10 Jun 2020
Researchers have discovered a new migration pattern (or lack of) at Pinnacle Point, a now-submerged region in South Africa.
20 May 2020
Scientists have reconstructed the paleoecology the Paleo-Agulhas Plain, a now-drowned landscape on the southern tip of Africa that was high and dry during glacial phas
18 May 2020
The world-renowned scientist, Professor Tobias passed away today, Thursday, 7 June 2012 in Johannesburg after a long illness.
18 May 2020
2 million year old teeth reveal a diet of bark, leaves, sedges, grasses, fruits…[image above is a palm phytolith from dental calculus].