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04 Jan 2022
We were sad to hear about the passing of Richard Leakey - the following links provide obituaries commemorating his life:
13 Oct 2021
Peter Slingsby and Don Pinnock recently posted an article to the Daily Maverick about the Englishman's Grave site on the Pakhuis Pass with some very interesting findings. Read the full article by clicking on the following link:
30 Jun 2021
The South African Archaeological Society is now on Youtube.

Are you missing the monthly Archaeological Society lectures due to Covid-19 restrictions?
10 Jun 2021
The Inaugural Lecture of Professor Sarah Wurz took place  on the 8th of June 2021 and a link has been made available to view the recording until the end of June 2021.
30 Apr 2021
Archaeologists have taken a crucial step towards solving one of human evolution’s greatest mysteries.
31 Mar 2021
Rock art rocks: Experts are still trying to fathom ancient engravings found near the Vredefort crater

23 Feb 2021
A 48-year-old man was expected to appear in the Port Shepstone magistrate's court on Monday morning for allegedly attempting to sell San rock art.
14 Jan 2021
Archaeologists have discovered the world's oldest known animal cave painting in Indonesia - a wild pig - believed to be drawn 45,500 years ago.
10 Nov 2020
Australian researchers say the discovery of a two-million-year-old skull in South Africa throws more light on human evolution.
08 Sep 2020
The Cederberg Mountains located 2-3 hours outside Cape Town is home to more rock art images per square kilometer than any other area in the world. Now with the help of virtual tours, you can visit these sites from your own home.