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30 Jul 2020
Applications for coal mining prospecting have recently been approved in the buffer zone around Mapungubwe World Heritage Site. This may have potential negative impacts on the site. To read the full article published by Oxpeckers follow this link:
09 Jul 2020
An extremely rare example of megalithic rock art was recently identified in northern Israel’s Yehudiya Nature Reserve inside a 4,200-year-old stone burial chamber.
02 Jul 2020
Most developing countries face acute tensions between socio-economic development and environmental protection.
10 Jun 2020
Researchers have discovered a new migration pattern (or lack of) at Pinnacle Point, a now-submerged region in South Africa.
20 May 2020
Scientists have reconstructed the paleoecology the Paleo-Agulhas Plain, a now-drowned landscape on the southern tip of Africa that was high and dry during glacial phas
18 May 2020
Over 37,000 years ago, humans were sparse and lonely in the world. Their tiny communities were lost in an ocean of animal populations. It was an unimaginable loneliness that can compare to what we are experiencing right now, confined as we are in our too-narrow living spaces.
18 May 2020
Only 50 people have been inside the caves of the mountain La Garma in Northern Spain, a unique archaeological site with one of the world’s most impressive collections of rock art and archaeologica
18 May 2020
In an ancient cave in South Africa, paleontologists have found evidence that three of humankind's oldest known relatives lived in the same place, at the same time.
18 May 2020
Archaeologists have announced the discovery of a giant Ice Age structure built from the remains of at least 60 mammoths at the Kostenki-Borshevo archaeological complex. 
18 May 2020
Researchers have uncovered the skulls of two individuals belonging to the Homo erectus species, one of our ancient ancestors, alongside several stone tools in Ethiopia.