Kent and Ward Bequest
Applications for Research Grants from the Kent and Ward Fund

The Kent and Ward Fund was established as a result of two generous bequests from long-term members of the South African Archaeological Society. The first, in 1992, was from the late Dr Leslie Kent, a geologist in Johannesburg, and the second, in 2019, was from the late Valerie O’Hagan Ward who organised the Society’s branch in Pietermaritzburg for many years. The Society has invested the income and the interest is distributed from time to time at the discretion of the Council for contributing towards:
i financing of field work;
ii research projects;
iii analysis of archaeological material; and
iv publishing or supporting the publication of the results of research.
The Society invites applications each year for awards in all categories. Please read the following guidelines and instructions carefully before completing the application form. The maximum amount available per year is R20,000.
- The work must be conducted in southern Africa.
- Preference will be given to researchers domiciled in southern Africa.
- Preference will be given to researchers who are starting a career in archaeology.
- Projects may include archaeological work of any kind that enhances our knowledge of the lifestyle of humankind in southern Africa, such as excavation, rock art recording, site recording, artefact or faunal analysis, identification of plant or animal remains, dating, surveys, physical anthropology, analysis of archaeological collections in museums, experimental archaeology, archival or bibliographic work.
- Proposals may also include publication of the results of research that popularise archaeology for public education and community awareness.
- The fund will not contribute to the purchase of expensive equipment such as cameras, microscopes or laptops for the analysis of results, or to living expenses during the writing of reports or publications.
- Successful applicants will be required to provide a digital copy of a report on work completed, or submit a paper for publication to the South African Archaeological Bulletin or The Digging Stick.
Application forms are available from the link below or from: The Secretary, South African Archaeological Society, PO Box 15700, Vlaeberg, 8018, tel. (021) 762 7347, e-mail, and must be submitted before 31 July of the application year. All applications will be refereed by specialists. The successful applicant/s will be notified by 15 September of the application year. 

To apply, please download the application form by clicking on this link.