Northern Branch Grants for Research and Education
Every year, the Northern Branch of the South African Archaeological Society invites applications for funding by researchers and educators in the field of archaeology. South African archaeological research projects and educational programmes that promote knowledge about, and an understanding of archaeology will be considered. 
Funding by the Northern Branch may be split over more than one project and the Branch Committee’s awards decision will be final.
Guidelines for applications for grants for research or educational purposes
Applications must be made in writing and include the following:
    1. Name and contact details of the applicant
    2. An outline of the research or education proposal, and anticipated project results or benefits
    3. The project implementation schedule
    4. The amount of the grant being applied for. Give a breakdown of the amount applied for into discrete expenditure categories to permit an award to be made for specific cost items.
    5. If the project to be funded forms part of a larger project, give details of how the funded part relates to the whole.
    6. The resources and facilities available for implementing the project
    7. Biographical details of the applicant(s), including professional qualifications and experience
    8. References from two suitably qualified people attesting to the quality of the project
    9. Plans to publish the research results

Successful applicants will be required to provide six-monthly progress reports and a final project report. On completion of the project, an article on the project must be supplied for publication in the SA Archaeological Society’s journal, The Digging Stick.
Applications should be submitted to John Wright, the chairperson of the grants subcommittee of the Northern Branch.
Mobile no.: 060-335-5104