The South African Archaeological Society aims to assist in the provision of resources about archaeology for all sectors of South African society. 
We have a YouTube Channel that holds recordings that were streamed live to our members and are freely available to watch:
SA Archaeological Society YouTube Channel 

In 2019, the P5 Project (see Erich Fisher's talk on our ArchSoc YouTube Channel, teamed up with Jive Media South Africa to develop new bilingual content for the Science Spaza series. Science Spaza ( addresses a lack of resources and activity-based learning for young people in South Africa. Currently, this initiative has over 140 science clubs across South Africa.
Their first contribution to the Science Spaza series is about radiocarbon dating. This FREE 4-page worksheet is filled with interesting information, activities, and careers information.
To download the English language version of the worksheet, click the link below:

We are keen to expand the range of archaeological resources that are freely available. If you have any resources that you are willing to share on this page, please e-mail: