Book and Other Sales
Wide range of publications in archaeology and related fields on sale by the Northern Branch of the Society
ArchFox Books, in association with the Northern Branch of ArchSoc, offers a wide range of books on archaeology and related fields of interest to members and friends of the Society. The Northern Branch benefits financially from the sales, which is one reason why it is in a position to make generous annual grants for archaeological research and education.
Books and other items are sold at Northern Branch lectures and at its Annual School in October. However, orders may also be placed direct either for collection, or for delivery by post. Mail orders are subject to a postage and packaging charge of R75 upwards for South African orders, depending on the weight of the parcel. All mail orders are sent by registered post.
ArchFox Books is also ready to assist in obtaining any book required and specialises in locating second-hand copies of rare books, or books that are out of print.   
The new books listed here are generally in stock. An any other books, including out-of-print books, may be ordered as well. Contact Reinoud Boers at or tel. 011 803 2681. Mailing will be advised. Payment by bank transfer or credit card. Prices are subject to change.
June 2023 List of Second Hand Books for Sale - click this link

For a list of the more available books on sale, please see the following (updated June 2023):
Abundant Herds R510
Africa: Biography of a Continent. John Reader R390
Africa Since 1940. F Cooper R310
African Archaeolgy Without Frontiers. Sadr, Esterhuysen, Sievers R380
African Civilisations: an archaeological perspective. G Connah R470
African History: A very short introduction. John Parker & Richard Rathbone R140
African Kaiser: Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck & the Great War in Africa. R Gaudi R395
Africans: the history of a continent. John Illife R420
After the Ice. S Mitthen R365
Anglo-Boer War Blockhouses. Green, Simon R450
Anthropocene VSI R150
Ape That Understood the Universe. S Stewart-Williams R290
Ape’s View of Human Evolution. Pieter Andrews R350
Archaeological Heritage of Africa. G Pwiti and W Ndoro R200
Archaeological Resource Management. J Carman R465
Archaeology of Food, The. Katheryn Twiss R340
Archaeology and Ethnography of Central Africa. James Denbow R285
Archaeology of Southern Africa. Peter Mitchell R365
Archives of Times Past. Kros, Wright, Buthelezi & Ludlow R360
Architecture, Astronomy and Sacred Landscape in Ancient Egypt. G Magli R335
Beadwork, Art and Body. A Nettleton R390
Bird Activity Book. McColaugh, Doreen R100
Birds of SA and Their Tracks and Signs. Lee Gutteridge R320
Bones and Bodies: How SA scientists studied race. Alan Morris R340
Borders of Race in Colonial South Africa: the Kat River Settlement. R Ross R315
Brain, The. David Eagleman R320
Burchell’s African Odessy. R410
Burchell’s Travels. Susan Buchanan R330
Bushmen of Souther Africa R295
Bushman Rock Art: an interprative guide. T Forsmann R180
Bushman Stories. !Kwa ttu R275
Cape Herders. Boonzaaier et al. R270
Catastrophes and Lesser Casualities. Hallam, T R195
Caves of the Ape-man. Ron Clark R230
Cederberg Rock Paintings. John Parkington R320
Climate, Clothing and Agriculture in Prehistory. Ian Gilligan R340
Climate Crisis, The. Vishwas Satgar R350
Concentration Camps of the Anglo-Boer War. E van Heyningen R295
Congo: The epic history. D van Roebrouck R295
Cradle of Humankind. Janette Deacon R45
Cradle of Life: The story of the Magaliesberg. Vincent Carruthers R375
Creation of the Zulu Kingdom, 1815-1828. E Eldredge R395
Curbing Catastrope. T Dixon R350
Dance of the Dung Beetles. Byrne & Lunn R320
Darwin’s Hunch: Science, Race & the Search for Human Origins. C Kuljian R320
Deciphering Ancient Minds. David Lewis-Williams R325
Diamonds, Gold and War: The making of SA. Meredith, M R280
Dress as Social Relations. Vibeke Viestad R350
Dunga Manzi/Still Waters. Nessa Liebhammer R100
Eight Zulu Kings, The. J Labrand R270
Eland’s People: New perspectives in the rock art. Benjamin Smith R225
Explorers of the Nile: Triumph and tragedy of Victorian adventure. Tim Teal R320
Field Guide to the Amaryllis Family of Southern Africa. Voigt, Leigh R410
Field Guide to the Battlefields of South Africa. Nicki van der Heide R410
Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals in SA. Cairncross, B R385
Field Guid to the Trees of Southern Africa. Van Wyk, B-E R535
Field Guide to Wild Flowers of South Africa. John Manning R490
Fifty Must-see Geological Sites in South Africa. G Whitfield R360
First People. John Parkington R320
First People at the Cape. Allen Mountain R320
Five Hundred Years Rediscovered. Swanepoel, Esterhuysen & Bonner R320
Food or War. Julian Cribb R150
Food Plants of the World. Van Wyk, B-E R685
Footprints: On the trail of those who made history in Lowveld. Hilton-Barber R230
Forgotten Battles of the Zulu War. A Greaves R370
From Tools to Symbols. D’Errico & Blackwell R125
Fossils for Africa. A Chinsamy-Turan R200
Fossil Men: Quest for the oldest skeleton & the origins of humans. Patterson R375
Frontiers. Mosterd, Noel R380
Genes, People and Languages. LG Cavalli Sforza R235
Genocide on Settled Frontiers. M Adhikari R520
Geological Journeys. Nick Norman & Gavin Whitfield R295
Goodwin 9: Further Approaches to Southern African Rock Art. Geoff Blundell R80
Goodwin 10: Middle Stone Age. Lyn Wadley R150
Goodwin 11: Skeletal Identity R150
Great South African Inventions. M Bruton R165
Guide to the Sieges of South Africa. Nicki van der Heyde R210
Guns, Germs and Steel. Jared Diamond R270
Handook to the Cradle of Humankind. Lee Berger & Elliott R270
Handbook to the Iron Age. Tom Huffman R330
Healing the Exposed Being. R Thornton R380
History of African Popular Culture. R375
History of Modern Africa. Richard Reid R420
History of South Africa. Fransjohan Pretorius R370
Homo Deus. Harari, Yuval R260
How on Earth. McCarthy, T R295
How to Avoid Climate Disasters. Bil Gates R330
Human Beginnings in South Africa. Deacon & Deacon R270
Humankind: a hopeful history. Bregman, Rutger R260
Human Origins: how diet, climate and landscape shaped us. J Crompton R325
Hunters and Herders of Southern Africa. Alan Barnard R340
Image-makers. David Lewis-Williams R220
Illustrated History of the Hartebeespoort Dam. Vincent Carruthers R195
Immortalising the Past: Reproductions of Zimbabwe rock art. Lionel Cripps R315
Indigenous Mining and Metallurgy in Africa. S Chirikure R190
Inside the Neolithic Mind. David Lewis-Williams & David Pearce R425
Into the Past: a memoir. Phillip Tobias R90
Invention of Nature. Andrea Wulf R310
Karoo Cosmos. Parkington et al. R300
Karoo Rock Engravings. John Parkington R225
Language Evolution. R Botha R370
Language in Prehistory. Barnard, Alan R280
Living Desert in Southern Africa. B Lovegrove R485
Mapungubwe. Janette Deacon R45
Mapungubwe: Ancient African Civilisations on the Limpopo. Tom Huffman R170
Mfecane Aftrmath. Hamilton,Carolyn R375
Migration and National Identity in South Africa, 1860-2010. Andie Klotz R320
Mind in the Cave. David Lewis-Williams R390
Musical Instruments of the Indigenous Peoples of SA. PR Kirby R375
Myth and Meaning: San Bushman folklore. David Lewis-Williams R390
Namib. Kinahan, J R380
Of Hominins, Hunter-gatherers and Heroes. R260
Origin of the Species. Charles Darwin R215
Origins of Life in the Universe. Robert Jastrow & Michael Rampino R540
Otherlands: A world in the making. Thomas Halliday R410
Paleazoology and Paleoenvironments. Faith & Lyman R340
Palaces of Stone. Huffman, Tom R260
People of the Earth: An introduction to world prehistory. Brian Fagan R495
People of the Eland. Pat Vinnicombe R340
Pocket Guide to Rocks and Minerals of Southern Africa. Cairncross, B R240
Pocket Guide to Trees of South Africa. Van Wyk, B-E R230
Politics of Heritage in South Africa. D Peterson R150
Popular Politics in the History of South Africa 1400‒1948. Paul Landau R255
Reader’s Brain, The. Y Douglas R190
River of Gold. Norton, Gardner and Walker R340
Rock Shelter. Pieter Jollie R195
San Elders Speak. Backwell, L and D’Erico, F R360
San Rock Art. David Lewis-Williams R160
San Spirituality. David Lewis-Williams R190
Sapiens: a brief history (Book). Harari, Y R230
Seeing and Knowing. Geoff Blundell R225
Settling the Earth: archaeology of deep human history. Clive Gamble R320
Shorelines, Strandlopers and Shell Middens. John Parkington R225
Silence of Great Zimbabwe. Fontein, Joost R240
Slave Emancipation and Racial Attitudes in 19th Century SA. RL Watson R250
Specimens of Bushman Folklore. Bleek & Lloyd R300
Sterkfontein: Early hominid site in the Cradle of Humankind. A Esterhuysen R165
Stone Tools in Human Evolution. John Shea R345
Stories that Float from Afar. David Lewis-Williams R270
Story of Earth and Life. Bruce Rubidge and Spike McCarthy R460
Structure, Meaning and Ritualin the Narrative of the Southern San. R Hewitt R90
Termites of the Gods. Siyaka Nguni R260
This Idea is Brilliant. J Brockman R315
Tobias in Conversation. Philip Tobias and Dugard R50
Traditional Fishing Methods of Africa R190
Traditionally Useful Plants of Africa. Xaba R190
Transformations in Slavery: a history of slavery in Africa. Paul Lovejoy R385
Tricksters and Trancers. Guenther, Mathias  
21 Lessons for the 21st Century. Y Harari R270
Understanding Collapse. GD Middleton R350
Unnatural World. D Bielo R390
Visionary Animal. Ego, Reinaud R380
Waterberg Echoes. Richard Wadley R1050
Way of the Bushmen. B & H Keeney R345
We Die Like Brothers: the sinking of the SS Mendi. Gribble, J & Scott, G R240
What the Stork Brought. John Saul R150
Who We Are and How We Got Here. D Reich R320
Wildflowers of the Waterberg. Wadley, et al. R330
Working with Rock Art. Ben Smith R225
World of Ceramics. Sian Tiley-Nel R180
Writing the Ancestral River R350
ArchSoc Mugs R30
Posters: 'Botha’s Cave' – Rock Art Research Institute R45
‘History of Southern African Archaeology’ R10

June 2023 List of Second Hand Books for Sale - click this link