The Goodwin Series
The first Goodwin Series volume was published in June 1972 to pay tribute to John Goodwin, the founder of the discipline of archaeology in South Africa.
Goodwin occupied the first professional post in archaeology in South Africa and he offered the first university courses in archaeology. 
Goodwin was a major driver in the founding of the South African Archaeological Society and was the first editor of the South African Archaeological Bulletin. The aim of the Goodwin Series is to publish sets of papers, either specially commissioned by an interested person or emanating from a symposium/conference.
The series is now in its 11th volume. Each volume has a theme relating to the study of archaeology in sub-Saharan Africa, ranging from Quaternary studies to rock art and historical archaeology.

Individual issues are published at irregular intervals according to the availability of funds and interest expressed by prospective guest editors. All papers are peer-reviewed.

Back Issues are available on JSTOR and members may apply for a password to access articles.
Existing Goodwin Series Volumes