BrAin Evolution : Palaeosciences, Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence
Dear Colleagues,
It is our pleasure to invite you to our workshop entitled "BrAin Evolution: Palaeosciences, Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence" that will be held on the 22nd and 23rd November at the French Institute (IFAS) in Johannesburg. The aim of this workshop is to bring together scientific researchers from palaeontology, neuroscience and artificial intelligence for in-depth discussion on how to apply newly developed methods of neuroscience and AI to palaeoscience to learn more about human origins. 

Looking forward to seeing you in November,
Caroline Fonta & Amélie Beaudet
Best wishes,
Dr Amélie Beaudet
Chaire de Professeure Junior
Laboratoire PALEVOPRIM
UMR 7262 (CNRS-INEE et Université de Poitiers)
Bat. B35, TSA-51106, 86073 Poitiers Cedex 9, France

See link for programme schedule :