March 1958
  1. Reviews
    1. Reviewed work(s): The Importance of Distribution Maps in the Study of Prehistoric Cultures by J. Desmond Clark
    2. Reviewed work(s): Tools Makyth Man by K. Oakley
  2. Reviews
    1. Reviewed work(s): "Antiquity." Special Evolution Number
    2. Reviewed work(s): Relation between Chelles-Acheul Implements and Quaternary River-Terraces of the Coega and Sundays Rivers by A. Ruddock
  3. Reviews
    1. Reviewed work(s): Physical Features, Sickling and Serology of the Malagasy of Madagascar by R. Singer; O. E. Budtz-Olsen; P. Brain; J. Saugrain
    2. G. J. F.
      Reviewed work(s): Quartar Annual for the Research on the Quaternary and Its Industries, Vol. 7/8
  4. Reviews
    1. Reviewed work(s): The Role of the Amateur in South African Archaeology by B. D. Malan
    2. Reviewed work(s): Notes on the Possible Origin of Magosian Cultures in Africa by Roger Summers
  5. Reviews
    1. Reviewed work(s): Old and New Rock-Engravings from Natal by B. D. Malan
    2. Reviewed work(s): The Classification of Rock-Paintings by A. R. Willcox