December 2009

1. Guest Editorial

  1. A Born-Again CRM Practitioner

2. Research Articles

  1. The Hegemony of the Neolithic: or What We Have Lost by Becoming Food Producers
    A.B. Smith
  2. “The Fires are Constant, the Shelters are Whims”: A Feature Map of Later Stone Age Campsitesat the Dunefield Midden Site, Western Cape Province, South Africa
    J. Parkington, J.W. Fisher, Jr & T.W.W. Tonner
  3. Craniometric Evidence for Biological Continuity Between Meroitic and Post-Meroitic Populations Buried at the Necropolis of Missiminia, Middle Nubia
    D.D. Stynder, J. Braga, E. Crubézy
  4. New Light on Ironworking Groups Along the Middle Kavango in Northern Namibia
    E. Kose
  5. The Central Cattle Pattern During the Iron Age of Southern Africa: A Critique of its SpatialFeatures
    S. Badenhorst
  6. The Skeletal Remains of Du Preezhoek, Pretoria, South Africa
    A. Meyer

3. Field And Technical Reports

  1. Post-Depositional Heating May Cause Over-Representation of Red-Coloured Ochre in StoneAge Sites
    L. Wadley
  2. A Simple Measure of Intensity of Human Occupation from Shell Density as Seen on the Vredenburg Peninsula Coast
    A.B. Smith & B. Mütti
  3. The Last of the LSA on the Makgabeng Plateau, Limpopo Province
    J. Bradfield, S. Holt & K. Sadr
  4. An Archaeozoology of the Ndzundza Ndebele in the Steelpoort River Valley, Mpumalanga,South Africa,C.1700 Ad – 1883 Ad
    C. Nelson

4. Discussion Forum

  1. The Incorporation Of Bioarchaeology into Khoesan Studies
    S. Pfeiffer
  2. Rethinking Shellfish Measurements
    J. Parkington
  3. On the Review by Carmel Schrire of Julia Martin’s a Millimetre of Dust: Visiting AncestralSites
    D.R.N.M. Morris, A.J.B. Humphreys & D.E. Miller

5. In Memoriam

  1. Gadi Godfrey Yobe Mgomezulu 1948–2009
    Y.M. Juwayeyi

6. Bookreviews

  1. Animals and People: Archaeozoological Papers in Honour of Ina Plug— Reviewed By R.G. Klein
  2. Appropriated Pasts: Indigenous Peoples and the Colonial Culture of Archaeology— Reviewed By S. Ouzman
  3. Pangolin, Pythons and Panthers [Sic]: Faunal Remains from KoBulawayo, A 19th Century Ndebele Capital, WesternZimbabwe— Reviewed By P. Hubbard
  4. The First Africans. African Archaeology from the Earliest Toolmakers to Most Recent Foragers— ReviewedBy I. Parsons
  5. An Introduction to Museum Archaeology— Reviewed By B. Van Doornum