June 2009

1. Editorial

  1. Undermining Heritage

2. Research Articles

  1. The Howieson’s Poort Of South Africa Amplified M. Lombard
  2. Mogapelwa: Archaeology, Palaeoenvironment and Oral Traditions at Lake Ngami,Botswana L.H. Robbins, A.C. Campbell, M.L. Murphy, G.A. Brook, A.A. Mabuse, R.K. Hitchcock,
  3. G. Babutsi, M. Mmolawa, K.M. Stewart, T.E. Steele, R.G. Klein, C.C. Appleton
  4. Cultural Heritage Survey of Lesotho for the Maloti Drakensberg Transfrontier Project,2005–2006: Palaeontology, Archaeology, History and Heritage Management C.R. Cain
  5. Phytoliths and Livestock Dung at Early Iron Age Sites in Southern Africa S. Badenhorst
  6. Rock Art and Religion: The Site of Pedra Do Feitiço, Angola M. Gutierrez
  7. Access to Rock Art Sites: A Right or a Qualification? N. Ndlovu

3. Field And Technical Reports

  1. Excavation at Kudu Koppie Site, Limpopo Province, South Africa
    L. Pollarolo & K. Kuman
  2. Just Before Van Riebeeck: Glimpses into Terminal LSA Lifestyle at Connies Limpet Bar, WestCoast of South Africa
    Jerardino, L. Kolska Horwitz, A. Mazel & R. Navarro

4. Discussion Forum

  1. A Transformation Charter for South African Archaeology
    B.W. Smith
  2. The Association of Southern African Professional Archaeologists’ Transformation Charterfor Archaeology in South Africa
  3. Transformation Challenges in South African Archaeology
    N. Ndlovu


  1. Tracks in a Mountain Range. Exploring the History of the Ukhahlamba-Drakensberg— Reviewed by W. Challis
  2. A Search for Origins: Science, History and South Africa’s ‘Cradle of Humankind’ — Reviewed by A.G. Morris
  3. Rethinking Agriculture: Archaeological and Ethnoarchaeological Perspectives— Reviewed by T. Maggs
  4. A Millimetre of Dust. Visiting Ancestral Sites— Reviewed by C. Schrire
  5. Five Hundred Years Rediscovered. Southern African Precedents and Prospects— Reviewed by R.S. Burrett