December 2008

1. Editorial

  1. A Pan-African Journal

2. Research Articles

  1. Juvenile Mortality in Southern African Archaeological Contexts
    L. Harrington & S. Pfeiffer
  2. Wealth and Affluence in Southern Malawi During the Proto-Historic Period: The Evidencefrom Archaeology, Oral Traditions and History
    Y.M. Juwayeyi
  3. Koma: The Crocodile Motif in the Rock Art of the Northern Sotho
  4. An Historical Account of a Rite Depicted in a Painting from the Cave at Melikane, Lesotho
    P. Jolly
  5. Networks of Supernatural Potency: San Rock Paintings of Loin Cloths and Aprons in the Central Limpopo Basin, Southern Africa
    E.B. Eastwood

3. Field And Technical Reports

  1. Preliminary Report On Females’ Aprons In Hunter-Gatherer Rock Paintings Of TheSouthern Drakensberg, South Africa
    D. Green &E.B. Eastwood
  2. Oslchronologyforsedimentsandmsaartefactsatthetotengquarry, Kalahari Desert,Botswana
    G.A. Brook, P. Srivastava, F.Z. Brook, L.H. Robbins, A.C. Campbell & M.L. Murphy
  3. The Impact Of Medium-Sized Canids On A Sealbone Assemblage From Dune Field Midden, WestCoast, South Africa
    D.D. Stynder

4. Discussion Forum

  1. Reburial of the Mapungubwe Human Remains: An Overview of Process and Procedure
    W.C. Nienaber, N. Keough, M. Steyn & J.H. Meiring
  2. Comments on Laurel Phillipson’s Article “Reassessment of Selected Middle Stone Age Artefacts From Rhino Cave and from White Paintings Rock Shelter, Tsodilo Hills, Botswana”
    S. Coulson
  3. The Art of Making Candy Floss: Comments on J. Orton &  A. Mackay’s Paper “New Excavationsat Klein Kliphuis Rockshelter, Cederberg Mountains, Westerncape, South Africa: The LateHolocene Deposits”
    A. Jerardino

5. In Memoriam

  1. Edward Baily Eastwood 1946–2008
    G. Blundell

6. Book Reviews

  1. Sterkfontein Early Hominid Site in the ‘Cradle of Humankind’— Reviewed by S.C. Reynolds
  2. The Hominid Individual in Context: Archaeological Investigations of Lower and Middle Palaeolithic Landscapes,Locales and Artefacts— Reviewed by T.R. Pickering
  3. The Hobbit Trap. Money, Fame, Science and the Discovery of a New Species— Reviewed by A.G. Morris
  4. The Terrace Builders of Nyanga— Reviewed by I. Pikirayi
  5. The Evolution of Modern Humans in Africa: A Comprehensive Guide— Reviewed by M. Lombard