June 2006
  1. Ericka N. L'Abbé, Isabelle Ribot, Maryna Steyn
  2. Field and Technical Report
    1. Victoria E. Woodward, Clem B. Penny, Paul Ruff, Goran Štrkalj
  3. Discussion Forum
  4. Book Reviews
    1. Review:  (pp. 117-118)
      Anne Solomon
      Reviewed work(s): San Spirituality: Roots, Expressions and Social Consequences by J. D. Lewis-Williams; D. G. Pearce
    2. Review:  (pp. 118-119)
      Nick Shepherd
      Reviewed work(s): Indigenous Archaeologies; Decolonizing Theory and Practice by Claire Smith; H. Martin Wobst
    3. Review:  (pp. 119-120)
      Maria van der Ryst
      Reviewed work(s): The Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Hunters and Gatherers by R. B. Lee; R. Daly
    4. Review:  (pp. 120-121)
      David Pearce
      Reviewed work(s): Aesthetics and Rock Art by T. Heyd; J. Clegg
    5. Review:  (pp. 121-122)
      Ed Eastwood
      Reviewed work(s): Customs and Beliefs of the /Xam Bushmen by J. C. Hollmann
    6. Review:  (pp. 122-123)
      John Calabrese
      Reviewed work(s): Mapungubwe. Ancient African Civilizations of the Limpopo by T. N. Huffman
    7. Review:  (pp. 123-124)
      A. J. B. Humphreys
      Reviewed work(s): African Archaeology by D. W. Phillipson