June 1999
  1. Notes and Comments
  2. Book Reviews
    1. Review: [untitled] (pp. 67-68)
      Stanley H. Ambrose
      Reviewed work(s): Before Food Production in North Africa. Questions and Tools Dealing with Resource Exploitation and Population Dynamics at 12000-7000 BP by Savino Di Lernia; Giorgio Manzi
    2. Review: [untitled] (pp. 68-69)
      David W. Phillipson
      Reviewed work(s): An African Classical Age: Eastern and Southern Africa in World History 1000 BC to AD 400 by Christopher Ehret
    3. Review: [untitled] (pp. 69-71)
      J. C. Vogel
      Reviewed work(s): As the World Warmed: Human Adaptations across the Pleistocene/Holocene Boundary by B. V. Erikson; L. G. Strauss
    4. Janette Deacon
      Reviewed work(s): Fragile Heritage. A Rock Art Fieldguide by D. Lewis-Williams; G. Blundell
    5. Review: [untitled] (pp. 71-73)
      Y. Brink
      Reviewed work(s): Oxford Archaeological Guide Series: Rome by A. Claridge
      Oxford Archaeological Guide Series: Spain by R. Collins
      Oxford Archaeological Guide Series: The Holy Land by J. Murphy-O'Connor
      Oxford Archaeological Guide Series: Scotland by A. Ritchie; G. Ritchie
    6. John Parkington
      Reviewed work(s): Our Gendered Past: Archaeological Studies of Gender in Southern Africa by Lyn Wadley