December 1998
  1. Lawrence H. Robbins, Michael L. Murphy, Alec C. Campbell, George A. Brook, Dawn M. Reid, Kurt A. Haberyan, William S. Downey
  2. Notes and Comment
    1. Amanda Esterhuysen, Jeannette Smith
  3. Book Reviews
    1. A. J. B. Humphreys
      Reviewed work(s): The Cape Herders: A History of the Khoikhoi of Southern Africa by E. Boonzaier; C. Malherbe; A. Smith; P. Berens
    2. Review: [untitled] (pp. 138-139)
      H. J. Deacon
      Reviewed work(s): Prehistory of the Chitrakot Falls, Central India by Zarine Cooper
    3. Review: [untitled] (pp. 139-141)
      Peter J. Mitchell
      Reviewed work(s): A Hunter-Gatherer Landscape: Southwest Germany in the Late Paleolithic and Mesolithic by M. A. Jochim
    4. D. Worth
      Reviewed work(s): Rediscovering the Cape Glass Company at Glencairn: History and Archaeology of an Industrial Enterprise 1902-1906 by Sharma Saitowitz; Ethleen Lastovica
    5. Review: [untitled] (pp. 141-143)
      Lilith Wynne
      Reviewed work(s): The Essential Guide to San Rock Art by A. Solomon
      Bushman Art of the Drakensberg: A Guide to the Art, Mythology and Culture of the Drakensberg Bushmen by B. Wahl; G. Anderson
    6. Janette Deacon
      Reviewed work(s): Documenting the Cultural Heritage by R. Thornes; J. Bold
    7. Anne Solomon
      Reviewed work(s): Time, Culture and Identity: An Interpretive Archaeology by J. Thomas