June 1988
  1. Notes and Comment
  2. Review Articles
    1. Review: [untitled] (pp. 56-60)
      C. Garth Sampson
      Reviewed work(s): Papers in the Prehistory of the Western Cape, South Africa by J. Parkington; M. Hall
    2. C. Garth Sampson
      Reviewed work(s): Academic Freedom and Apartheid: The Story of the World Archaeological Congress by P. Ucko
  3. Book Reviews
    1. M. L. Wilson
      Reviewed work(s): The Egyptians by C. Aldred
      The Egypt Story by P. H. Newby
    2. Review: [untitled] (pp. 64-65)
      M. L. Wilson
      Reviewed work(s): The Quest for Eternity. Chinese Ceramics from the People's Republic of China by S. L. Caroselli
    3. D. M. Avery
      Reviewed work(s): The Archaeology of Animals by S. J. M. Davis
    4. Kathryn Cruz-Uribe
      Reviewed work(s): The Palaeolithic of Europe by Clive Gamble
    5. Review: [untitled] (pp. 67-68)
      T. M. Evers
      Reviewed work(s): The Changing Past: Farmers, Kings and Traders in Southern Africa, 200-1860 by M. Hall
    6. Review: [untitled] (pp. 68-69)
      H. J. Deacon
      Reviewed work(s): Nelson Bay Cave, Cape Province, South Africa: The Holocene Levels by R. R. Inskeep
    7. M. L. Wilson
      Reviewed work(s): City of the Dead. Thebes in Egypt by L. Manniche
    8. Review: [untitled] (pp. 70-71)
      S. L. Hall
      Reviewed work(s): The Later Stone Age of the Drakensberg Range and Its Foothills by H. Opperman
    9. G. Avery
      Reviewed work(s): Nightfire Island: Later Holocene Lakemarsh Adaptation on the Western Edge of the Great Basin by C. G. Sampson
    10. Review: [untitled] (pp. 71-72)
      A. J. B. Humphreys
      Reviewed work(s): Temples and Tombs of Ancient Nubia. The International Rescue Campaign at Abu Simbel, Philae and Other Sites by T. Save-Sonderbergh
    11. Review: [untitled] (pp. 72-73)
      W. J. J. Van Rijssen
      Reviewed work(s): Celtic Britain by C. Thomas