December 1985
  1. D. Gihwala, L. Jacobson, M. Peisach, C. A. Pineda, H. N. Vos
  2. T. Lloyd Evans, Anne I. Thackeray, J. F. Thackeray
  3. Notes and Comment
  4. Book Reviews
    1. Janette Deacon
      Reviewed work(s): From Hunters to Farmers: The Causes and Consequences of Food Production in Africa by J. D. Clark; S. A. Brandt
    2. Review: [untitled] (pp. 114-115)
      Martin Hall
      Reviewed work(s): The Archaeological and Linguistic Reconstruction of African History by C. Ehret; M. Posnansky
    3. A. J. B. Humphreys
      Reviewed work(s): Foreign Devils on the Silk Road by P. Hopkirk
    4. Review: [untitled] (pp. 115-116)
      L. Jacobson
      Reviewed work(s): Recent Archaeological Research between the Orange and Kavango Rivers in South-Western Africa by J. Kinahan
    5. Review: [untitled] (pp. 116-117)
      Roger Summers
      Reviewed work(s): Disclosing the Past: An Autobiography by M. Leakey
    6. Review: [untitled] (pp. 117-118)
      A. J. B. Humphreys
      Reviewed work(s): African Archaeology by D. W. Phillipson
    7. Jalmar Rudner
      Reviewed work(s): Law and the Cultural Heritage. Vol. 1. Discovery and Excavation by L. V. Prott; P. J. O. O'Keefe
    8. Review: [untitled] (pp. 118-119)
      J. E. Atkinson
      Reviewed work(s): Roman Britain by Peter Salway
    9. Alan Morris
      Reviewed work(s): The Origins of Mankind by S. Tomkins
    10. Review: [untitled] (pp. 119-120)
      Jalmar Rudner
      Reviewed work(s): Shipwreck and Survival on the South-East Coast of Africa by A. R. Willcox