December 1979
  1. A. D. Mazel, H. C. Woodhouse, W. Hepner
  2. Letters to the Editor
  3.  (pp. 127-131)
    J. R. Henschel, R. Tilson, F. von Blottnitz
  4. Book Reviews
    1. M. L. Wilson
      Reviewed work(s): Lycian Turkey: An Archaeological Guide by George E. Bean
    2. Review: [untitled] (pp. 138-139)
      J. E. Atkinson
      Reviewed work(s): Rome and Her Empire by B. Cunliffe
    3. Review: [untitled] (pp. 139-140)
      Mary Leslie-Brooker
      Reviewed work(s): A Guide to Fossil Man: A Handbook of Human Palaeontology by H. Day Michael
    4. Review: [untitled] (pp. 140-141)
      Graham Avery
      Reviewed work(s): Felsbilder in Südafrika. Teil 1: Die gravierungen auf Klipfontein, Kapprovinz by G. J. Fock
    5. M. L. Wilson
      Reviewed work(s): The Obelisks of Egypt: Skyscrapers of the Past by Labib Habachi; Charles C. Van Siclen III
    6. Review: [untitled] (pp. 141-142)
      Andrew B. Smith
      Reviewed work(s): World Industrial Archaeology by K. Hudson
    7. Review: [untitled] (pp. 142-144)
      J. D. Lewis-Williams
      Reviewed work(s): The Peopling of Southern Africa by R. R. Inskeep
    8. B. D. Malan
      Reviewed work(s): An Introduction to Archaeology by David Mills
    9. Review: [untitled] (pp. 144-145)
      John R. F. Bower
      Reviewed work(s): Paleoecology and Archaeology of an Acheulian Site at Caddington, England by C. Garth Sampson
    10. Review: [untitled] (pp. 145-146)
      M. L. Wilson
      Reviewed work(s): Fundamentals of Archaeology by Robert J. Sharer; Wendy Ashmore
    11. Review: [untitled] (pp. 146-147)
      Mark P. Leone
      Reviewed work(s): Time and Traditions by Bruce Trigger