New Virtual Reality Experience Transports Viewer Inside Spanish Paleolithic Caves Seen By Only 50 People In 16,000 Years
Only 50 people have been inside the caves of the mountain La Garma in Northern Spain, a unique archaeological site with one of the world’s most impressive collections of rock art and archaeological remains from the Paleolithic age. As part of the Cave of Altamira and Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain, La Garma is a Unesco World Heritage site. La Garma houses five levels of caves and is considered the most important Paleolithic archaeological discovery since the mid twentieth century. 

Now anyone can “travel” to Northern Spain on a virtual visit to these rarely visited Spanish caves. Memoria: Stories of La Garma, by award-winning VR director Rafael Pavón, is a new virtual reality experience just launched by Viveport, the world's first unlimited VR subscription service. This VR experience is really the only way to learn about these fascinating caves due to the danger of the site. Only 50 people have physically been able to enter them in the past 16,000 years and the caves are off limits to the public but by mapping them for VR, they can now be viewed virtually by anyone.

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