Outing to Fordsburg Market Square, Last Redoubt of the 1922 Rand Revolt
SJ de Klerk
Sun, 17/07/2022 - 09:00
Breezeblock (Neighbourhood Coffee shop), 29 Chiswick Street, Brixton.


Meet at:       Breezeblock (Neighbourhood Coffee shop), 29 Chiswick Street, Brixton.

Park along the street of this Coffee shop, where a security guard will be on duty.

Duration:     3 - 3.5 Hours

Charge:         Members R30; non-members R50 (Maximum 30 participants).

Bring:            Comfortable walking shoes, water, hat, and sunblock.

                        Ablution facilities are available.

In Fordsburg we shall proceed on foot for 1.5 kilometres.

Avoid wearing expensive jewelry that may attract unwanted attention.

Optional – Enjoy an affordable lunch at Breezeblock after the outing.


After a brief overview of the events leading to the 1922 Rand Revolt, we divide into a lesser no. of vehicles and depart to the nearby Cottesloe School. Here the so-called Knopkierie striker commando was dispersed by a flurry of well-aimed shells fired by the Transvaal Horse Artillery from the corner of Empire Road and Jan Smuts Avenue.

Driving to the Brixton Cemetery, we stop at the old Hindu Crematorium, followed by visiting some of the graves of soldiers, strike leaders, and innocent civilians killed during this Revolt.

Parking opposite the Oriental Plaza, we walk to the Fordsburg Market Square, passing the Presbyterian Church (now the Divine Bakery) bombed by the recently established South African Air Force. At the Market Square we view the toilet block turned into a blockhouse by the strikers and McIntosh’s Store destroyed by artillery bombardment.  Other historic buildings that survived the mayhem of the Revolt will also be viewed.

Walking back to where we parked, we pass the Police Charge Office attacked by strikers and burnt down. We hear the sad fate of striker Taffy Long, accused of shooting and killing shopkeeper Peter Marais for assisting one of the policemen to escape from the Charge Office.

We return to the Breezeblock for an optional lunch.



SJ de Klerk worked in a variety of senior HR occupations in the food industry, and upon retirement focused on his first loves of history and heritage. He is an occasional tour guide for the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation and Chair of the Northern Branch of Arch Soc.   SJ has guided several tours on the 1922 Rand Revolt, and this is an opportunity not to be missed.                                         

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