ArchSoc Symposium 2023: Other Heritages: Preservation and Destruction
Northern Branch
Sat, 26/08/2023 - 09:00 to 13:00
Delta Environment Centre, Delta Park, Road No. 3, Victory Park, Johannesburg
Registration: 09h00 to 09h30
Venue: Delta Environmental Centre, Delta Park, Road No 3, Victory  Park, Johannesburg.
Parking: Secure parking at the Centre.
Catering: Bring your own picnic lunch and refreshing drink to enjoy with the other participants at the tables outside the Environmental Centre or on the lawns. A glass of fruit juice is available upon registration, and tea and coffee will be served at mid-morning.
The auditorium at Delta Environmental Centre can get chilly, so bring a blanket for your knees.
Fees: See page 6 of this flyer for the fees. Please note that the student fee is only applicable to full-time students.
Book Table: A wide selection of new and second-hand books will be available for purchasing before the symposium starts and during the morning tea break and at the end of the symposium.

The Northern Branch’s Annual Symposium brings academics, society members, and their friends together once a year for a series of fascinating lectures. This year’s theme is about archaeological artefacts, monuments and sites that are threatened by warfare, looting, urbanisation, religious intolerance, major infrastructure projects and climate change. Fortunately, there are activist organisations and individuals that are implementing ways of identifying, mapping, and monitoring such endangered sites.

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