ArchSoc Symposium 2022
Northern Branch
Sat, 19/11/2022 - 09:30 to 13:00
Delta Environment Centre, Delta Park, Road No. 3, Victory Park, Johannesburg
Topic: Archaeologists push the boundaries of science
When: Saturday 19 November 2022
Time: 09h30 to 13h00
Venue: Delta Environmental Centre, Delta Park, Road No. 3, Victory Park, Johannesburg.
Registration: 09h30 to 10h00

Parking: Secure parking at the Centre.
Catering: Bring your own picnic lunch and refreshing drinks to enjoy with the other participants at the tables outside the Environmental Centre or on the lawns.
A glass of fruit juice is available upon registration, and tea and coffee will be served at mid-morning.
Fees: See page 5 of this flyer for the fees. Please note that the student fee is only applicable to full-time students.
Book Table: A wide selection of new and second-hand books will be available for purchasing before the symposium starts and during the morning tea break and at the end of the symposium.
The Northern Branch’s Annual Symposium brings academics, society members, and their friends together once a year for a series of fascinating lectures. Archaeologists constantly aim to place discoveries within a broader historical framework to get
a sense of the time period that an object comes from and how it relates to other finds, times, and places in the archaeological record. This helps to build a better picture of how humans lived in the past, as well as how humanity, culture, and societies evolved over time.

Archaeologists use a variety of scientific methods to analyse the age and origins of fossils, and other-material remains from the past. Dating methods can enable bio-archaeologists to determine factors such as environment, diet, health, or migration patterns of humans, plants, or animals. Knowing the age of an object of material culture, how it was made, and the surrounds in which it was found, helps archaeologists to form hypotheses about the purpose for which the object was made and the cultural meanings that might have been attributed to it in the past. Ordering archaeological finds within time periods across traditions is how archaeologists piece together the past that connects all contemporary cultures today.
Join us at the ArchSoc Symposium to hear at first-hand the fascinating stories that Professors Dominic Stratford and David Pearce have to tell on how recent developments in dating techniques have opened new avenues of research at the Sterkfontein Cave Complex and in San rock art.

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