About the Society
and Branches 

The Society

The South African Archaeological Society was founded in 1945 and has about 1 000 members (individuals as well as universities, institutes, museums and libraries) in over 30 countries throughout the world.

The South African Archaeological Society welcomes anyone who would like to know more about our past.  The Society aims to encourage and satisfy your interest in all aspects of archaeology by bringing members of the public with an interest in archaeology and professional archaeologists together.  Our branches offer regular talks and excursions to important sites as well as opportunities for hands-on experience with excavations and the processing of archaeological finds.  The Society also publishes a refereed journal, a more popular magazine, an occasional research publication and branch newsletters.  We try to keep membership subscriptions as low as possible (they are lower than those of most comparable societies) and there is a special subsidised rate for students.

There are four branches: Trans-Vaal Branch, Western Cape Branch, KwaZulu-Natal Branch and Trans-!Gariep Branch. The society's head office is located in Cape Town and can be contacted at:

P O Box 15700, Vlaeberg, 8018
Tel: 021 712 3629 Fax: 0866 155 874
E-mail: archsoc@iziko.org.za

This is the website of the Trans-Vaal Branch (www.archaeology.org.za). The Society also has a national website, which can be found at:
Please have a look at this website as well.

The Trans-Vaal Branch Committee 2013/2014

  John McManus: Chairman
  Law (Lourenço) Pinto: Vice-Chair, Publicity, Annual Symposiun, Wits and Pretoria
      University Representative
  Anita Arnott: Coordinator: Outings
  Reinoud Boers: Programme Development, Branch Grants, Editor Artefacts and
  Pamela Küstner: Membership Secretary and Newsletter Editor
  Hilary Geber: Minutes Secretary
  Gerry Gallow: Tea Team
  Louise Mackechnie: Publicity and Technical Support
  Peter Mimmack: Technical Support
  Anne Raeburn: Treasurer and Membership Relations
  Graham Reeks: Annual Symposium and Unisa Representative
  John Wright: Coordinator Lectures, Annual Symposium and Assistant Editor
  Barry Jacoby: Member at large

Branch Patrons

  Prof. Jan Boeyens, Head, Department of Anthropology and
    Archaeology, Unisa
  Prof. Tom Huffman, Archaeology, Wits University
  Prof. David Lewis-Williams, Rock Art Research Institute, Wits
  Professor Innocent Pikirayi, Head, Department of Anthropology
    and Archaeology, University of Pretoria
  Prof. Bruce Rubidge, Director, Bernard Price Institute, Wits
  Professor Sadr Karim, Head, School of Geography, Archaeology and
    Environmental Studies, University of the Witwatersrand
  Dr Francis Thackeray, Director, Institute of Human Evolution, Wits
  Prof. Lyn Wadley, Archaeology, Wits University